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Torres Novas, Portugal

STATUS Under Development

PROJECT Rehabilitation


A Timeless Escape

close to Lisbon

Torre de Santo António will be transformed into a  “Countryside Resort” with 10 unique suites at existent Palace and flanked by a new 5* Hotel with 130 suites with high-end amenities, and contact with nature, giving a unique experience of relaxation and confort.

The Resort will bring close contact with nature, by building walking tracks spread on the property. There will be fruit fields, vegetable and aromatic gardens, horse rides, etc.

Torre de Santo António is a unique neo-Manueline-style property built in the XVII century. More than 100 years later, the Marquis of Foz refurbished the entire property together with the illustrious architect Luigi Pietro Manini, responsible for works such as Buçaco Palace and Regaleira Palace.

In the interior, we find splendid rooms with fireplaces with unique details, painted ceilings and 19th century tile panels. The two Manueline windows were the central elements of inspiration for the palace, where its romantic tower stands out.

The gardens, geometrically designed, precede a magnificent swimming pool. On the property, there is also a chapel, stables, a wine cellar, lakes, water courses, and a vast agricultural area.

Welcome to a world of exploration at your fingertips. With our virtual tour, you can journey to Torre Santo António from anywhere in the world. Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and stories of this extraordinary place without leaving your home.


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