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Évora, a Journey Through Centuries

Welcome to Évora, a UNESCO World Heritage hidden gem nestled in the picturesque Alentejo region of Portugal


Évora invites you to embark on a journey of discovery, where every cobblestone street, ancient monument, and culinary delight tells a story of centuries past. With its timeless beauty and warm hospitality, Évora promises an unforgettable experience that will leave you longing to return again and again


Évora's history is a fascinating journey through millennia of civilization. Originally known as Ebora in Roman times, it flourished as a vital administrative and commercial center, as evidenced by the remarkable Roman Temple of Évora

Under Moorish rule in the 8th century, Évora became Yeborah and thrived as a center of learning and culture, leaving behind architectural wonders like the city walls and the Moorish Quarter

The city's Christian reconquest in the 12th century marked a new era, establishing Évora as a stronghold of Christianity and a seat of power for Portugal. Magnificent Gothic cathedrals, like the Sé Cathedral of Évora, emerged during this time

During the Age of Discoveries, Évora experienced prosperity, attracting scholars, artists, and explorers. The founding of the University of Évora in 1559 contributed to its intellectual prestige

Things to visit in Evora

Évora is a city in Portugal known for its rich cultural heritage, reflecting a blend of historical, architectural, and artistic influences

The Roman Temple

The Roman Temple of Évora, is a well-preserved 1st-century AD structure featuring Corinthian columns. Likely dedicated to Emperor Augustus, it stands in Évora's historic center and symbolizes the city's rich Roman heritage

Cathedral of Évora

The Cathedral of Évora, or Sé de Évora, built between the 12th and 14th centuries, blends Romanesque, Gothic, and Manueline styles. It features twin towers, a rose window, a richly decorated interior, 14th-century Gothic cloisters, and a treasury museum

The Chapel of Bones

The Chapel of Bones in Évora, Portugal, adorned with human bones and skulls, is a striking 16th-century monument, serving as a reminder of mortality and attracting curious visitors worldwide

Palace of Dom Manuel

The Palace of Dom Manuel is a historic landmark in Évora, Portugal, built during the reign of King Manuel I in the 16th century. Known for its Manueline architectural style, it served as a royal residence and venue for important events

University of Évora

Founded in 1559, the university boasts beautiful cloisters, historic classrooms, and a rich academic heritage. The Baroque architecture is particularly noteworthy

Évora Museum

Housed in the former Episcopal Palace, the museum features a diverse collection of archaeological finds, religious art, and artifacts from the region's history

Roman Baths

Situated beneath the City Hall, these ancient baths offer a glimpse into the Roman way of life in Évora. They include a hypocaust system and other well-preserved structures

S. João Evangelista

This church, located near the cathedral, features beautiful azulejos (traditional Portuguese tiles) and a serene interior. It's a hidden gem worth visiting


To start this gastronomic experience, we suggest Alentejo bread accompanied by Évora cured cheese, goat cheese with fig jam, cured meats, olives, black pork ham, or Açorda Alentejana made with the region's characteristic bread


Alentejo black pork is a local specialty, perfect for meat lovers. In the category of soups, there are lamb stew soup, dogfish soup, pot soup, tomato soup, purslane soup, sargalheta, or bacon soup


The region is also known for its quality wines, so we recommend pairing your meal with a glass of Alentejo wine


For dessert, don't miss the Pão de Rala, Filhós Enroladas, Encharcada from the Convent of Santa Clara, Trouxas de Ovos, Évora cheesecakes, Sericaia, Queijinhos do Céu from Mora, Tibornas, and Bolo Joana from the Convent of Santa Clara

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