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Savills takes the helm in transforming Valbom 96 officespace

Savills takes charge of adapting Valbom 96 office space, dividing it into two modules: one for a law firm's operational workspace and the other for reception, administration, and financial functions

In an effort to optimize space utilization and enhance its potential, Savills, a leading company specializing in comprehensive technical solutions, has been appointed to undertake adaptation works for the Valbom 96 office building.

The ambitious project aims to divide the Valbom 96 office into two distinct modules, each serving specific functions tailored to the needs of its occupants.

The first module will serve as the operational workspace for a law firm team, featuring an innovative open-space design to foster collaboration and productivity. Additionally, the existing auditorium will undergo extensive renovation and modernization to meet contemporary standards and enhance its functionality.

In contrast, the second module will undergo a significant transformation, spanning three floors dedicated to various administrative functions. This includes the creation of a welcoming reception area, an administrative floor, and a back-office/financial floor, each optimized to streamline operations and provide an efficient workflow.

The adaptation works spearheaded by Savills promise to revitalize the Valbom 96 office space, ensuring it remains conducive to the evolving needs of its occupants while maximizing its potential for years to come. Stay tuned for further updates as this transformative project unfolds.

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