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Contacto Atlântico, will move forward with the works of the Blue Palace

Iconic Blue Palace in Lisbon will be transformed into a 5-star Luxury Boutique Hotel, with Contacto Atlântico leading the project. Expect a seamless blend of historical charm and modern luxury

In a significant development for Lisbon's hospitality scene, the iconic Blue Palace is set to undergo a remarkable transformation into a 5-star Luxury Boutique Hotel. Nestled adjacent to Avenida da Liberdade, famed for its haute couture and prestigious jewelry brands, the hotel promises to redefine luxury accommodation in the heart of the city.

Behind this ambitious project stands Contacto Atlântico, a renowned architecture studio with an impressive track record in property development. With a diverse team led by Architect André Caiado, Contacto Atlântico brings a wealth of expertise to ensure every facet of the Blue Palace Hotel's evolution is meticulously crafted.

The Blue Palace, steeped in historical significance, will be meticulously restored to its former glory while seamlessly integrating modern amenities and luxury conveniences. Guests can anticipate an unparalleled experience where rich heritage meets contemporary elegance.

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